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This is what Dieleman’s Grainhandel stands for

Linseed is an important product in the portfolio of Dieleman’s Grain Business. The company processes seed for consumption in countries in the European Union and America. Clients are producers of bakery products and feeds for cattle and small animals. The linseed activities do not, however, consist only of the trade in seeds for consumption. At least as important is the production of seed for sowing seed flax varieties.

The company has a sizeable acreage for this purpose, with independent growers who contribute to production at the request of the Axel-based company . Dieleman’s Grain Business delivers an annual total yield from some thousands of hectares, which is the majority of the seed sown for fibre flax in the Netherlands. This position is partly based on close cooperation with Limagrain. Dieleman’s Grain Business is the sole representative for all flax varieties from Limagrain which are considered to be among the best in the world.

Joint efforts have been undertaken to develop new varieties. This is important for Dieleman’s Grain Business because it is only in this way that the company and its customers can be assured of new and stronger varieties.